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Welcome to the Capital District of New York Promise Walk for Preeclampsia page!

Make strides and deliver hope with us at the  Annual Capital District of New York Promise Walk!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Registration opens @ noon
5k Walk/run begins @ 1pm
Light lunch to follow

Registration fee: FREE!
The Crossings of Colonie
(South Pavilion-back of the park) 
580 Albany Shaker Rd.
Loudonville, NY 12211
FYI: Strollers are allowed. 
Also, pets are allowed at the walk. All pets must be on a leash, and pet owners are responsible for properly disposing of any pet droppings.

For more information, please contact:

Walk Coordinator Lisa Colvin

The 2017 Capital District of New York Promise Walk Mission Family is the Alimonti family. Here's their story:
The 2017 Capital District of New York Promise Walk Mission Family is the Alimonti family. Here is what Emily shared with us:

"Our story began on August 18, 2015- the day we found out we were pregnant. The excitement we experienced during the next nine months was like no other. We chose to keep the gender a surprise and that added to the fun.

I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy and I was able to work full-time until week 39. During the next nine months we prepared every detail to welcome our baby. We were given an amazing baby shower by our loved ones, we setup an adorable nursery and we even took birthing classes at our local hospital.

On the Sunday during week 39 of my pregnancy I suddenly began throwing up. It occurred for about 24 hours. It wasn't a morning sickness feeling and I just knew something wasn't right. We decided to reach out to the on-call OB in the middle of the night because it had been close to 24 hours and we were concerned. The OB felt it was some type of stomach bug and sent me to the ER to receive IV fluids to prevent dehydration. The IV fluids seemed to help and I felt mostly "normal" for the next four days.

Four days later the throwing up returned. My husband Christopher and I agreed we wouldn't let it occur for 24 hours this time before calling the on-call OB. After about six hours I was fed up and reached out to the on-call OB again. She was concerned that the symptoms had returned and again sent me back to the ER.

Suddenly I began having right sided pain in my rib/stomach area. Christopher drove me to the hospital which was about 15 minutes away. During the car ride the pain was so extreme I couldn't sit down, I had to kneel facing the trunk while hugging the headrest. As soon as we walked into the ER the lady at Patient Registration was concerned I was back after just four short days. She could tell I was in extreme pain and she sent me immediately to the exam room.

I was still unable to sit down due to the severe pain and the ER doctor was very alarmed at the fact my urine sample was red. The ER doctor made a few phone calls and I was then immediately sent over to the OB unit.

This is when I met the most amazing nurse, Cindy. We had an immediate bond and she promised to remain by my side during my birthing experience.

Cindy began to hook me up to a bunch of monitors and next I met the doctor who took great care of me for the next few days. She began to tell me I was very sick- my platelet level was low, my liver levels were high and my blood pressure was high. She then went onto tell me that while the baby was perfectly healthy I was at risk for some scary stuff, and with that said I needed to have an emergency c-section.

This emergency c-section would occur as soon as I received a platelet transfusion to help my blood clot. It would also occur under general anesthesia which meant my husband couldn't be in the room and that I would be totally knocked out.

We had waited nine months to find out the gender of our baby and we now wouldn't be able to share the moment together.

I was taken to the OR while my husband and mother sat in the waiting room. In the OR I met the most amazing Anesthesiologist who helped keep me calm. We talked about all kinds of fun things and he did a great job of keeping my mind in an "okay" place.

The Anesthesiologist explained how the anesthesia would work and answered all of my questions. I have a healthcare background so my questions were pretty abundant.

The procedure took about an hour. Violet Elizabeth was born at 12:45pm and I met her three hours later. I was still heavily medicated at this time, but I remember being able to count all of her fingers and toes.

After the delivery I was then sent to ICU where I would spend the next 26 hours away from my husband and baby. My health was stable but this was a precautionary thing.

After those long 26 hours I was sent to the OB floor to be with my husband and daughter. We spent the next five days there. The days and nights were long but the staff was amazing.

It wasn't until the day after I gave birth that I first heard the term HELLP Syndrome. I was still in ICU and the Anesthesiologist stopped by to check on me. He mentioned the term HELLP and I immediately wrote it down. As soon as he left I began researching it online.

While on OB I began asking any and every staff member I came across about HELLP. The OB staff informed me it was a rare syndrome and most had only seen it a few times in their medical careers.

According to the OB unit staff and the doctor that delivered Violet- I had an amazing recovery. They were shocked that I bounced back so quick. For this my family and I are thankful.

Our daughter will be a year old in three short months. We are extremely fortunate to be healthy as can be, both Violet and I. We continue to count our blessings and I now more than ever believe in my guardian angels."


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